The Prophecy

They say that to know where you are going, one must know the origins from which they came from. Behold, the history of our people…

The Three Pillar Families

The three great panther houses today are ruled by direct descendants of the original panthers. They hold significant power and influence over every facet of the association’s everyday activity. 

To be a member of the Solitude Panther Association, one must pledge allegiance to one of these houses and swear to uphold the tenets and core beliefs of that which each family adheres to.

Explore the Mysteries of the Jungle Vault...

8000$ worth of weekly NFT Prizes are hidden within the mysterious Jungle Vault! Become a Beholder (Own 2+ Beholder Rings) to gain acces today!


The Team

The Alpha Panther


Our E-commerce Specialist. Spent years building up E-commerce experience with a number of successful Amazon FBA and Ebay ventures under his belt. An avid crypto investor over the past 2 years. Father, collector, foodie and fan of the finest cuban cigars.

The Stalking Panther

Community Manager

On the crypto scene for about two years, finding a start trading on Solana and binance before falling in love with Cardano. Holds many years of experience in customer service, a field which lends itself well to moderating and community building.

The Wise Panther


Our Tech and data management specialist. He is responsible for increasing the team’s performance with his personality as well as the market input via continuous research. 12+ years in data management, user acquisition, DevOps, budget management, Crypto investor and developer for the past 2 years... Social freak, red meat only consumer, and a true friend.

The Brave Panther

Creative Director

The Team's Head of Design. Web3 needs designers like the Panther. He is the one that makes TSPAs beautiful artwork. 8+ years as an art director/Photographer/Retoucher in the fashion world. Experienced in UI design and more recently (as you can see), digital art!

The Lost Panther

Community Moderator

In the crypto space for about a year now, focusing on Cardano and its amazing community. In customer service for 20 years, working as a server, cook, host and then moving onto sales and management. Multi talented with 18 years of graphic design experience and 7 years doing photography/videography.

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It is of the utmost importance that we deliver a realistic and achievable roadmap. To that end, we have our journey split into Episodes.

Episode 01

Episode 01 sees us introduced to the three great panther families, each vying for supremacy in the wilds. As the competition heats up, holders of the SCAR Token currency will have the opportunity to participate in the battle and earn valuable rewards.This episode will also explore the many uses of the SCAR Token, from participating in jungle vault NFT raffles to participating in Family Battles in the Great Panther wars.

As the story progresses, we will witness the development of our cutting-edge Web 3 E-commerce platform, providing a seamless and secure way for holders to interact and transact in this dynamic and immersive world. Get ready to embark on an epic journey of discovery and adventure, as the panther clans fight for dominance and glory.


9,999 generative avatars that enable holders to access a vast world of utilities that help provide groundbreaking opportunities, benefitting massively from the explosive growth of web3.

1000 beholders rings were first given out for free to the first panthers through the jungle gates. These rings alone offer many different utilities but are also your main entry into our ecosystem.

The association is split into 3 families with 5 factions within them that all work together to achieve a common goal, every family and its faction has its own role to play within the Association.

No. Our Solitude Panther mint will be a whitelist only mint. Should anything be left over, we will look at the possibility of a public mint.

Hop into our Discord at and you will find plenty of opportunities to obtain a whitelist spot!

ADA Anvil. They are an experienced team with a great track record of providing effective and most importantly, smooth minting solutions.

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